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Noah's Ark: Interesting Things 

Over the years, I have accumulated a list of very interesting things about Noah's Ark and the surrounding area or Ararat.  Here are a few:

Interesting Words
Interesting Canyon
Interesting Race
Interesting Poetry

Words To Describe Mount Ararat

Country Place/Feature Meaning Reference
Armenia Nakhichevan the landing place Mount Ararat
Armenia Echmiadzin those who descended Name of a monastery where reputed pieces of Ark exist.
Armenia   mother of the world Mount Ararat
Armenia Arghuri (Ahora) the planting of the vine The grape vine Noah planted after leaving the Ark.
Iran Temanin the eight The number of persons who survived the flood.
Turkey Mahser doomsday Catastrophic punishment of the world.
Turkey Agri painful Place of pain. Given to Mount Ararat
Turkey Kargakonmaz the raven won't land The raven returning to the Ark.
Turkey Ankara anchor An anchor of a ship
Chinese flood water; eight; together

Grand Canyon

Answers in Genesis has the best explaination available. Select here for more information on the:

Grand Canyon and Noah's Flood.

Today's races

Answers in Genesis has the best explaination available. Select here for more information on the:

Cain's Wife.

Natural Selection.

Origins of the Human Race.


While reading the biblical account of the flood, one may overlook the poetic arrangement of the story. The story contains instances of a literary form know as palistrophe. A palistrophe is a symmetrical line of thought that covers a series of elements, then retraces its way back over them; the essential element of the construction is "return". (Bailey, Noah)

Compare the upper and lower case letters to see the poetic arrangement in the biblical story of Noah and the Ark. The following is taken from Bailey's book (page 155).

A  Noah (6:10a) [P]
B    Shem, Ham, and Japeth (6:10b) [P]
C      ark to be built (6:14-16) [P]
D        flood announced (6:17) [P]
E          covenant with Noah (6:18-20) [P]
F            food in the ark (6:21) [P]
G              command to enter ark (7:1-3) [J]
H                7 days waiting for flood (7:4-5) [J]
I                  7 days waiting for flood (7:7-10) [J]
J                    entry into ark (7:11-15) [P/J]
K                      Yahweh shut Noah in (7:16) [J]
L                        40 days flood (7:17a) [P]
M                          waters increase (7:17b-18) [J/P]
N                            mountains covered (7:19-20) [P]
O                              150 days water prevailed (7:21-24) [P/J/P]
P                                GOD REMEMBERED NOAH (8:1) [P]
o                              150 days water abated (8:3) [P]
n                            mountain tops visible (8:4-5) [P]
m                          waters abate (8:5) [P]
l                        40 days (end of) (8:6a) [J]
k                      Noah opens windows of ark (8:6b) [J]
j                    raven and dove leave ark (8:7-9) [J]
i                  7 days waiting for waters to subside (8:10-11) [J]
h                7 days waiting for waters to subside (8:12-13) [J/P/J]
g              command to leave the ark (8:15-17, or 22) [P, or P/J] 
f            food outside ark (9:1-4) [P]
e          covenant with all flesh (9:8-10) [P]
d        no flood in future (9:11-17) [P]
c      ark (9:18a) [J]
b    Shem, Ham and Japeth (9:19b) [J]
a  Noah (9:19) [J]