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These are some links and other bits of interesting information which I have found.

Reciprocal Links
Interesting Stuff

Reciprocal Links

Here are some really good Web links, related to the Search for Noah's Ark.

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Interesting Stuff

Here are some bits and pieces I have found over the years. Enjoy them for what they are worth.

Green BallHiking Map of Ararat

Green BallEnd Times: Jerusalem

As an Aeronautical Engineer and the result of a sermon I heard, I have taken an interest in a particular verse of the Bible: Revelation 16:21, The Hailstone that Weighs a Talent. I was originally intrigued by the sermon with thoughts of 75 pound hailstones hitting the ground. But knowing and understanding the atmosphere and aerodynamics, I was able to deduce some pretty amazing things about these hailstones. Follow this link to learn more.

Green BallThe Biblical Hailstone

Here is another "interesting thing": As I began to learn more about the Web, I found that it was capable of many fascinating things. One such unique feature is the capability to allow the visitor to interact in three dimensions. This is called VRML or Virtual Reality Markup Language. When I found this, I began studying and thought it would be neat to make a "3D Noah's Ark". And so I did..... check out 3D Noah's Ark and see it for yourself!!